World News Roundup for December 6, 2023

International News

Israel-Hamas Conflict Escalates

The Israeli military has intensified its offensive against the Gaza Strip, carrying out airstrikes and artillery bombardments that have killed dozens of Palestinians, including at least 12 children. The violence has been triggered by an escalation in rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel.

UN Calls for Rescue of Rohingya Refugees

The United Nations has called on the international community to take urgent action to rescue two boats carrying hundreds of Rohingya refugees that are adrift in the Andaman Sea. The refugees, who are fleeing persecution in Myanmar, have been at sea for weeks and are running out of food and water.

US to Deploy Anti-Ship Missiles on Submarines

The United States will begin deploying anti-ship missiles on its submarines in 2024, a move that is likely to further escalate tensions with China. The missiles will be capable of sinking large warships, including aircraft carriers.

North Korea Accuses US of Double Standards

North Korea has accused the United States of hypocrisy for criticizing its missile tests while ignoring South Korea’s recent launch of a spy satellite. North Korea says the US double standard is a “clear threat” to its security.

South Korea Tests Solid-Fuel Rocket

South Korea has successfully tested a solid-fuel rocket, a significant milestone in its space program. The rocket is capable of carrying satellites into orbit and could potentially be used to launch military payloads in the future.

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Sports News

Mitchell Johnson Blasts David Warner and George Bailey

Former Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson has revealed that he has a personal rivalry with batsman David Warner and has criticized former Australian captain George Bailey for questioning his mental health.

Lone 100m Runner Fails Dope Test

The only runner who competed in the 100m event at an athletics meet in Delhi, India, has failed a dope test. The runner has been provisionally suspended.

Sri Lanka Cricket Lodges Complaint

Sri Lanka Cricket has lodged a complaint against former sports minister Roshan Ranasinghe over allegations of misuse of funds.

National News

Telangana CM Revanth Reddy

Telangana Chief Minister Revanth Reddy will take oath on December 7. Rahul Gandhi will attend the ceremony.

Cyclone Michaung

The death toll from Cyclone Michaung in Chennai has risen to 12. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has said that the cyclone has made landfall in Andhra Pradesh.

DMK MP Sparks Row

DMK MP A. Raja has sparked a row with his remarks about “Gaumutra states”. The BJP has called the remarks disrespectful to Hinduism.


Renowned CID Actor Dinesh Phadnis Dies

Renowned CID actor Dinesh Phadnis, famous for his role as Fredericks in CID, has passed away. He was suffering from liver damage.

Thought of the Day

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